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My Why

When I grow up, I want to be fulfilled and intentionally live each day with a purpose. But what does being a “grown up” even consist of, honestly?    Four years ago I would’ve told you I thought it meant working a full-time job, probably having kids or a dog, and legally being able to drink alcohol. But fast forward to my present day answer and it’s a little different.   I view growth as a constant opportunity to learn and challenge our beliefs and comfort zones.  We are not created to live our lives as one version of ourselves.  I mean think about how boring that would be! I feel like I’ve always been told that I have an “old soul.” I used to take that as a challenge that I needed to rush the process of growing up like the end goal was some imaginary finish line.    Well, jokes on me because I had no clue what life had in store for me...    From becoming a mom at 20, when most of the people I surrounded myself with were caught up on the next night out, I had some major “growing up to

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